Saga University Summer Program 2015
Creating Innovation for Sustainability in Young Leaders

As Saga University declares in its charter, the University commits  itself to the creating and inheritance of human wisdom in order humans to live together with nature. With this background Saga University will launch SUSP 2015 for a period of 2.5 weeks, from June 29 to July 14, 2015. The theme of SUSP 2015 is “Creating Innovation for Sustainability in Young Leaders’” which focuses on how young generation can demonstrate leadership both locally and globally to address new challenges on sustainability.

In this program, participants from all over the world will learn about contemporary issues related to agriculture, food, energy, environment, and heritage of traditional knowledge and technologies by close examination of the cases in Saga and Japan. The participants engage in active and meaningful discussions and examine leadership of young generation at numerous levels in order to achieve sustainable society. Students will participate in lectures, discussions, and hands on activities at various sites in Saga. All activities are conducted in English and allow students to hear professors and experts in other organizations. Participants of the program are students from Saga University’s partner institutions around the world while Saga University students partially join in the program.


~Information for SUSP Students~