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Programs for Exchange Students(to earn academic credits)

SPACE (Saga University Program for Academic Exchange) is a special program designed for international students from affiliated universities around the world.  It offers a unique curriculum of Japanese language classes and courses in the student’s major in English and Japanese.  Participating students deepen their knowledge and understanding not only of their major field of study, but also of Japanese society and people, through academic work and meaningful interactions with Japanese students and the local people.


●Types of Academic Programs
Students choose either the “SPACE-E” or “SPACE-J” program, depending on the student’s aim of study in Japan and the preference for language in which to study.


> Courses are taught in English. This program is for only undergraduate students.


> Students register regular courses taught in Japanese
Both undergraduate and graduate students can participate.

※We recommend that you choose SPACE-J if you already have high Japanese language proficiency and have passed the Level 2 or higher JLPT.

International Student Center,Saga University JapaneseInternational Student Center,Saga University Japanese

The rough schedule of the program is as follows:

Fall Semester : From October 1st to March 31st
October ・Orientation, Guidance, Japanese Language, Placement Tests, Registration
・Entrance Ceremony
・Class Begins
November ・Field Trip to Balloon Festival
・Field Trip to Imari (Painting a Porcelain Cup)
December ・Potluck Party
January ・Sport Hour (e.g., Badminton)
February ・Field Trip to Ogi (visit Sake Brewery, etc.)
・Final Exams
Spring Semester : From April 1st to September 30th
April ・Registration
・Class Begins
・Field Trip to Karatsu and Fukuoka
May ・Home stay in Kashima, Participation in Gatalympic
June ・Culture Hours (e.g., Tea ceremony)
July ・Factory Tour
・Final Exams
August ・Completion Ceremony (usually held around August the 20th)

 For your university and Saga University to be academically affiliated, a professor of one university and a professor of the other university need to start an academic exchange first and then have a agreement contract of academic exchange and student exchange officially. Based on this academic and student exchange in the agreements, for example, the professor or another professor of an overseas affiliated university will send his or her student to Saga University as a SPACE student.


  1. [1] The SPACE brochure 2018-2019 NEW
  2. [2] The Guideline for Applicants of SPACE-E&J 2018-2019 →Download PDF here NEW
  3. [3] The application form 2018-2019 →Download PDF hereNEW
  4. [4]Application for -Certificate of Eligibility →Download EXCEL here Example (Please read carefully)
  5. [5] Interactive classes between international students and Japanese students →Download here
  6. [6]Newest Version of the list of professors in Faculty of Science & Engineering →Download PDF here
  7. [7] Newest Version of the list of professors in Faculty of Agriculture →Download PDF here
  8. [8] Movie produced by a previous SPACE student of Class 2007-08 →Download here

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