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One of the best ways to understand Japanese culture and people is to join in student clubs and societies and make lots of friends. Many clubs and associations await your participation!


This is an activity designed so that students can enjoy conversation in foreign languages during the one-hour lunch break. There are currently Korean, English and Chinese language groups, where Japanese students and foreign students interested in foreign languages and countries gather together each week to hold discussions, play games, introduce the cultures of their respective countries to each other, and engage in a variety of other activities.



Saga University has a number of clubs and associations. These are the clubs that are looking to recruit international students.

We’re a small group of just three second-year students, three first-years and one foreign student. We practice four times a week, on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. If you’ re interested, please stop by during one of our practices on the second floor of the Sports Center. 
Adapted sports are those that everyone, from young children to senior citizens, not to mention those with physical disabilities, can participate in. The activities of the society mainly revolve around wheelchair twin basketball and the provision of services as escort runners for visually impaired individuals. Circle members currently total 27, consisting of five first-year students, ten second-years, eight third-years and four fourth-years. The wheelchair twin basketball sessions take place weekly.

・Go and Shogi(碁・将棋:board games) ・FM Mass Media ・Orchestra ・k-net(Discussion on Educational Issues) ・Computer ・Hawaiian Music ・Folk Song ・Youth Hostel ・Archery

・Aikido ・Hockey ・Karate ・Baseball ・Shorinji Kempo(Chinese Martial Arts) ・Tae Kwon Do ・Basketball(Male) ・Badminton(Male) ・Volleyball(Male) ・Handball ・Adapted Sports Society ・Yosakoi dance …and more

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