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Life in Saga

 Saga Prefecture (population 850,000) is in north-western Kyushu. Saga City, the capital of Saga Prefecture, has a population of 230,000. It is located in the central part of the Saga Plain spread between Mt.Tenzan and Mt. Sefuri in the north and the Inlet of the Ariake Sea, in the south. Saga plain is one of the largest plains in Japan and is favored with plenty of water.
 Saga is blessed with a rich natural environment and is a comfortable place to live. The climate is not severe with an average year-round temperature of 17℃. Each of the four seasons offers various natural beauties: a cascade of falling cherry blossoms in spring; fresh greenery of camphor trees and fireworks in summer; colorful balloons flying over golden fields of rice in autumn; and harvests of seaweed in winter of which Saga is Japan's leading producer.

 Being graced with agriculture, you can enjoy fresh food at a reasonable price. You can live here at a low cost compared to big cities.
 The people of Saga are eager to share with others through international exchange and, likewise, have organized many international cooperative ventures including the annual International Balloon Festival. Saga is also famous for its porcelain. Imari-ware has been traded all over the world for over two hundred years since the Edo-period.

 Wouldn't you like to experience the joys and challenges of campus life at Saga University, in the midst of Saga's tranquil environment and rich history?

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