About Study In Saga Univ


◆ New Year’s Rice-Cake-Pounding Party 


◆ Saga Castle Town Doll Festival
Many dolls are displayed around Saga city at historical buildings that were built in the Edo, Meiji and Taisho eras. Dolls are dressed in traditional hand-woven Saga-nishiki textiles.
◆ Bean Throwing Festival in Saga Shrine
Mame-maki (Bean-Throwing Festival) is a traditional Japanese event in spring. Throwing beans, people pray for the expulsion of evil and for the invitation of blessings.
◆ Chinese New Year Party 

◆ Graduation Ceremony


◆ Entrance Ceremony
◆ Saga SAKURA Marathon
◆ Kawakami Ravine Spring Festival
At this festival, enjoy the roughly 300 carp-shaped streamers (koi-nobori) that swim in the sky.

◆ Arita Ceramic Fair
Arita is a town famous for ceramics. More than 600 shops line the 4-km-main street from JR Arita Station to Kamiarita Station from April to May every year. In this season, ceramics lovers from all over Japan gather in the town.
◆ Seashell Digging event in Ariake sea


◆ Kashima Gatalympics
“Gatalympics” is a word that combines “gata” (mud flats) and “Olympics”. The sea in Saga, the Ariake Sea, is famous for its broad mud flats. In this event, people enjoy various sports on the mud flats and appreciate with the natural splendor of the Ariake Sea.

◆ International Shower Climbing in Nanayama
◆ Japanese Speech Competition


◆ Sakae no Kuni Festival (Summer Festival in Saga City)
This is the biggest summer festival in Saga. 3000 citizens join its dancing parade including Saga University students.
◆ Fireworks Festival

◆ Traditional Performance Art Festival in Kashima
In this festival a lot of traditional performances are performed in Yutoku Inari (Shrine) which is the included in tree major Inari in Japan. It is a good chance to feel Japanese tradition in beautiful atmosphere.

◆ Entrance Ceremony
◆ Samurai Parade
◆ Yabusame in Takeo
Yabusame (archery on horse-back) in Takeo is a traditional event which is took place more than 800 years

◆ Saga International Balloon Fiesta
This is one of the biggest International Balloon competitions in Japan. More than 100 balloons straight up to the beautiful autumn sky in Saga.
◆ Karatsu Kunchi Festival
This is an annual autumn festival of the Karatsu Shrine. 14 giant floats (Mikoshi) race through the streets attract audience every year.
◆ Field Trip

◆ Saga Light Fantasy
◆ Reverberatory Furnace Festival
Saga was the region which leaded developing of Japanese modern technology in Meiji Period. This is one of the events that people praise hard work of ancestor.

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