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Message from Director

 We are very pleased to inform you that Saga University founded the Center for Promotion of International Exchange on October 1, 2011 as the headquarters of the University’s international exchange. Saga University has been welcoming many international students as well as having active academic exchange with researchers in foreign countries. Based on these achievements mainly activated on “grass-root basis by individuals, the new center was founded to make a university-based promotion of internationalization.

The mission of the Center for Promotion of International Exchange is to contribute to further development of internationalization of Saga University by creating new waves of international exchange in expanding international educational programs for both Japanese and International students, promoting actively to exchange researchers and students with universities and institutes abroad.

In addition, the Center aims to promote and support international exchange in the Saga region together with the local governments and various international organizations in Saga.

To fulfill the mission, four sections are placed in the Center: “International Exchange Promotion Unit”, “ Inter-regional Cooperation for International Exchange Unit”, “Student Exchange Section”, “Academic Exchange Section” and “Nabeshima Satellite” on Nabeshima Campus.

This new Center will make a great contribution to Internationalization of Saga University as well as in its local region by expanding International Exchange, and I sincerely hope the Center will be developed by your active cooperation in international fields.

Dr. Noriyoshi Teramoto
Center for Promotion of International Exchange
Saga University

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